The John Birch Society Endorsement

I am proud to have the endorsement of
The John Birch Society

300* + Committee for Constitutionally Conservative Candidates

After 6 months, and many long days, our committee is ready to make the following endorsements. As with any process we do not claim superiority or infallibility, but we do report that our efforts have been with sincerity, honor, and justice to the American Spirit and the Constitution of the United States of America. We have made every attempt to discover the inner spirit of each candidate and their desire to serve the citizens of Arizona. Because of scheduling constraints not every candidate received a personal interview; but all candidates have had their computer information sites examined and the information presented has been weighed with the same due diligence. We found no perfect candidates but what we did find was a slate of capable, energetic people with a desire to serve and share their ideas with the citizens of Arizona.  (There were some districts that did not have Republican candidates.)

We feel that the following individuals that we endorse will be able to make the greatest contribution to improving government in Arizona with the hope that in succeeding elections we may continue to retain and secure the liberties of every citizen of Arizona. Best wishes to all candidates as they continue in this cause.

U.S. Congress 

            SENATE:  Mick McGuire


CD-1: Elijah Norton                                    CD-6: Brandon Martin

CD-2: Mark Deluzio                                   CD-7: Luis Pozzolo

CD-3: Jeff Zink                                             CD-8: Debbie Lesko

CD-4: David Giles or Kelly Cooper         CD-9: Paul Gosar

CD-5: Andy Biggs

 Arizona Executive Branch:

Governor: Kari Lake                                  Supt. of Public Inst.: Shiry Sapir

Secretary of State: Mark Finchem        Corp. Commission: Kevin Thompson

Attorney General: Tiffany Shedd                                              Nick Myers

            State Treasurer: Bob Lettieri

 Arizona Legislative Branch  


LD 1: Steve Zipperman                             LD 15: Jake Hoffman

LD 3: Jan Dubaukas                                   LD 17:

LD 4: Nancy Barto                                      LD 18: Stan Caine

LD 5: Write In – Jeff Silvey                       LD 19: David Gowan

LD 7: Kelly Townsend                                LD 21: WRITE IN – Jim Cleveland OR

            LD 8: Roxana Holzapfel                                                             Dan Dellinges

            LD 9: Robert Scantlebury                            LD 23: Gary Snyder

LD 10: David Farnsworth                               LD 25: Sine Kerr

LD 11: Maryn Brannies                                   LD 27: Anthony Kern

LD 12: Suzanne Sharer                                   LD 28: Clair Van Steenwyk

LD 13: J.D. Mesnard                                        LD 29: Janae Shamp

LD 14: Warren Petersen                                LD 30: Sonny Borrelli


            LD 1: Judy Burges, Quang Nguyen           LD 14: Travis Grantham, Laurin Hendrix

LD 2: Justin Wilmeth, Pierce Waycoff          LD 15: Neil Carter, Jacqueline Parker

LD 3: Joseph Chaplik, Darin Mitchell       LD 16: Rod Hudelson, Teresa Martinez

            LD 4: Jana Jackson, Maria Syms               LD 17: Rachel Jones, Cory McGarr

LD 5: WRITE-IN Jennifer Treadwell         LD 18: Linda Evans

            LD 7: John Fillmore, David Marshall         LD 19: Lupe Diaz, Gail Griffin

LD 8: Caden Darrow, Bill Loughrige         LD 21: WRITE IN – Deborah McEwen

LD 9: MaryAnn Mendoza, Kathy Pearce LD 25: Timothy Dunn, Michael Carbone

LD 10: Justin Heap, Barbara Parker            LD 27: Ben Toma, Kevin Payne

LD 11: Tatiana Pena                                        LD 28: Susan Black, Beverly Pingrelli,

         LD 12: James Chaston, Terry Roe                LD 29: Steve Montenegro, Austin Smith

         LD 13: Liz Harris, Julie Willoughby              LD 30: Leo Biasiucci, John Gillette or Marianne Salem                                                     

Maricopa County Supervisor: District 2 -Thayer Verschoor

Maricopa County Attorney: Gina Godbehere

Maricopa Clerk of the Superior Court: Jeff Fine

Respectfully submitted:

Barbara Blewster

Verl Farnsworth

Jim O’Connor

Patrick Wood

Bill Blewster

Dinah Lundell

Khyl Powell

Mike Huckabee Endorsement

I am proud to have the endorsement of
Mike Huckabee

“We cannot sit on the sidelines in 2019 and 2020, we must help elect conservative Republicans who will support President Trump.
Our candidates are committed to keeping our government’s promises to our Veterans, seniors and hard-working Americans. We support less government, more liberty, tax reform, secure borders and we are unequivocally pro-Life.”
If you stand with me, join us today.”
Mike Huckabee – HuckPAC

US IMPACT Endorsement

I am proud to have the endorsement of
US Impact
Most Impactful organization of Indian Americans!

“David Giles AZ CD 4 Endorsement” Khush Rawlley – US IMPACT


Congressman Biggs - AZ CD5

Dave Giles with Andy Biggs

I support Dave Giles to represent the great people of Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District. He will work to make sure our neighborhoods and communities are safe places. Dave knows that Arizonans want good jobs for fair pay. Dave will work to make sure our public health concerns, particularly regarding the pandemic, will be met and that the virus is defeated. Dave will not go Washington, when he is in Washington.  He will always make the needs of Congressional District Nine his top priority.

Emma DiMarco - ASU Graduate

Lunara Carberry Endorsement

My name is Lunara, and I’m coming out… as a conservative.

As an Arizona citizen, I have enjoyed freedom and prosperity unparalleled in human history. America is the land of individual responsibility, opportunity, and unalienable rights.

Unfortunately, pragmatism, optimism, and common sense have long since been abandoned by the Left, leading to tragic results. Right now we need leaders who make decisions based on reason, not emotion. Leaders who would elevate our society, not defame and destroy it. We need leaders with practical real-world experience, which is why I support Dave Giles for Congress, and conservatives up and down the ticket.

Ted Rhodes Endorsement

My name is Ted Rhodes, a 28-year retired army veteran.

As a Citizen and as a veteran, I support Dave Giles for Congress in Arizona Congressional District 4.

Dave Giles has been a Sons Member of the
American Legion for 15 years and is an American Legion Rider.

Top of Dave Giles’ list to establish a pipeline to transition veterans back into civilian life.

Veterans need a comprehensive program which would aid veterans in their job search quest.
Today, no such program exists, but if elected, Dave Giles will introduce legislation to create such a program.

These are reasons why I, as veteran, support Dave Giles for Congress.

Jeff Serdy - AJI Sporting goods Owner and Mayor of Apache Junction

“Jeff is the owner of AJI Sporting Goods and also the Mayor of Apache Junction. Jeff supports Dave Giles for Congress”
Patriot Movement AZ

Patriot Movement AZ Backs Dave Giles 100% in CD4

He is running against Bobblehead Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, the open border socialist.

Dave has already aligned with the Freedom Caucus and all we need to do is get out there, spread his name and message and VOTE our America First/Arizona First candidates!!!.”

Dave Giles is running against pro-amnesty, open-border, “free” Medicare for All, anti-Second Amendment, Tax-You-To-Poverty, former Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton in CD4.

Greg Stanton MUST be defeated and Dave Giles is the #AmericaFirst Candidate who can and will do it!

If you live in AZ CD9, PLEASE help us spread the word that we need all Conservative votes to get behind Dave and start pushing out the message.

Arizona is NOT in a position to “wait and see” this election season. The left is fighting hard to turn Arizona into another California and that WILL NOT happen!

Please share Dave Giles’ page into AZ groups and get the word out that AZ will stay a state where we stand up for freedom, liberty and America First!



Arizona Republic

“Giles is best GOP choice for the 4th. We recommend Giles to the voters as the better candidate. His extensive business career working in the energy industry in the Middle East gives him an interesting breadth of experience.”
Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts, LLC - Lee Ploszaj CEO

On behalf of HPR Ammunition a member of and supporter of the NRA (National Rifle Association) and proud to say our ammunition is made by Americans in America and one of the largest small arms ammunition companies in the southwest and an employer of hundreds of quality jobs in the Great State of Arizona, we are pleased to endorse and wholeheartedly support Dave Giles  for Congress.

Dave now seeks to bring his knowledge, aptitude and zeal to the Congress, where his optimism for a better future and his realistic view of the problems we face is sorely lacking.  We can ill afford to miss the opportunity to elect him.

It’s time to take America back from  the economic elites who have effectively taken control of our Congress from us.  Our government only works for those economic elites.  It’s time, once again, to make our government work for us all

Dave’s leadership will move to restore the United States to a position of moral leadership in the World and  sound economic principles. Dave will fight for our liberty and the just course that our Founders fought and died for!


Lee Ploszaj

Chief Executive Officer

Living Word Bible Church - Pastor Jason Anderson

I am excited to announce my full support and endorsement for David Giles who is running for United States Congress in the fourth district of Arizona.
I have personally known David Giles for twelve years. He is man of strong character, firmly anchored in his conservative values. I believe he will do exactly what he says he will do with great leadership and skill.

Vote Dave Giles.


Pastor Jason Anderson

Samaritan Aviation - Bryan Yeager Chief of Operations

“After reading Dave’s view on the issues that are facing our state and country, I am convinced he is the best candidate for Arizona’s 4th District.”

Realty Executives - Darrell J. Covert

“I want to extend to you my wholehearted endorsement in your candidacy for the United States Congress District 4 seat. We need leaders, such as you, with commitment, integrity, and conservative with values to represent the voters will in Washington.

We need you to reduce taxes, and make our government reduce regulation that will affect job growth and the economy within our state and country. Realtors depend on a growing and healthy economy for our business.

I want to urge all my fellow REALTORS living in Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale and Phoenix areas in Congressional District 9 to vote and support Dave Giles for Congress.”

Dave Schweikert

“I have known Dave Giles for several years and want to endorse him again.
Dave is our best opportunity to make Congressional District Four responsible and accountable to the American People, especially in Arizona.
Dave is trusted by the federal government, the state government and local government. I ask the you also trust Dave.
He will work for you and for your best interests. Vote Dave Giles and support Dave Giles”

Realignment Politics

Endorsements include Dave Giles for Arizona Congressional District Four

Individuals for Dave Giles

Doug Wolfe – Rockgate  Realty – www.rockgaterealty.com

Julie Wolfe – Marriage Minded Ministries – www.hisharbor.com

Dr. Anoop K. Sharma, MD – Arizona State Urological Institute – www.asui.org

Jonathan Ritchie – Ritchie Ins and Fin Svcs Inc – http://www.jonathanritchie.com

Christopher Spear – Vice President of Operations at Infusionsoft

Ron Schott – Arizona Technology Council

John Hurley, MBA, PMP – Managing Director at Hurley & Associates

Michael Rohr, CPA – Senior Accountant, Corporate Accounting Services at Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Michael Davis – Services Specialist at Resource Guidance, Inc.

Arizona Republic on August 29, 2016 – Our View: Vote Giles

Matthew Perry – Chairman Arizona Young Republicans

Join Dave Giles for Congress and Let's Take Back Arizona

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