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Dave Giles stands with President Trump at the Phoenix Rally on February 19, 2020. Personally Signed by President Trump

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Safety & Security

Are you worried about your safety, the safety of your family and the safety of your neighborhood?

Healthcare Crisis

Do you want the government telling you what healthcare you can have, or worse yet, not have!

Jobs, Economy & Accountability

Are you worried about our economy failing, losing your job or worse yet, not be able to put food on your table?

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Hi, I am Dave Giles!

Hi, I am Dave Giles!

I am a conservative Republican running for Congress in Arizona’s Ninth District.

I know that the people of Arizona will be better served if their representatives in Congress follow our Constitution when making any decisions.

Please check out my bio to see my experience.

The issues section has my positions on important issues affecting the United States today.

Feel free to contact myself or my team if you have any questions or would like to support our campaign.

Your Voice Matters to me !

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